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S. Teddy D. - 1917 - Western Front – France

Western Front – France
In response to the futile advances made across ‘no-mans land’ in the First World War, Allied forces developed the tank. Although first used at the Battle of the Somme in 1916, it was in I917 that massed tanks like this British Mk IV were deployed to assist infantry, whilst being immune to the decimating machine gun fire, they constantly broke down or were destroyed by artillery. Battles at Messinges Ridge, Ypres, Soissons all preceded The Battle of Cambrai, which is now erroneously famous as the earliest use of tanks in war.

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S. Teddy D. - 1943 - Kursk – USSR

Kursk – USSR
The largest tank battle ever fought and the failure of Blitzkrieg tactics. Germany and the USSR amassed large armies to contend the Kursk salient, a large bulge that penetrated the Eastern Frontline. Hitler’s delayed offensive to bring in the new Tiger and Panther tanks provided ample time for the Soviets to prepare deep-defence systems. But when a single Tiger tank destroyed 22 Soviet T-34 tanks, the Soviet tank crews changed their tactics and drove ‘gung-ho’ style at full speed, so that they could fire at the weaker sides of the Tigers.

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S. Teddy D. - 1956 - Budapest – Hungary

Budapest – Hungary
Hungarian citizens stand atop a captured Soviet IS-3 tank. The revolt began when a delegation from a student demonstration attempted to occupy the state radio station. They were detained, but the demonstration demanded their release, State Security Police fired on the crowd, which resulted in violent protest breaking out all over the city, followed by the entire country, toppling the Government. At first the Soviet Politburo considered a military withdrawal, but then reneged and sent in tanks to violently suppress the uprising.

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S. Teddy D. - 1968 - Prague – Czechoslovakia

Prague – Czechoslovakia
In the politically turbulent sixties, Czechoslovakia rose up against Soviet rule in what became known as the ‘Prague Spring’. The Warsaw Pact responded by sending in tanks. Emil Gallo, a plumber openly defies a Soviet T-55 tank crew, unafraid of death he screams, “Shoot” at them. Three years later he committed suicide, his country still under Communist rule.

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S. Teddy D. - 1989 - Tiananmen Square - China

Tiananmen Square - China
Known around the world as ‘Tank Man’, an unknown Chinese student bravely prevents the advance of a small column of Chinese Type-59 tanks from dispersing the democracy demonstration held in the capital Beijing. He proceeded to climb upon the lead tank to attempt to talk to the crew, then later, stopped the column a second time, before being grabbed by two men in the crowd and disappearing. The tanks rolled into the demonstration at night, crushing the students’ bodies and hopes beneath them.

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S. Teddy D. - 2000 - Second Intifada - Palestine

Second Intifada - Palestine
Faris Odeh, a young Palestinian boy defiantly throws a stone at an encroaching Merkava MK III Israeli tank, during the second Intifada in the Gaza Strip. However this small ‘David’ did not survive to be crowned king, and was shot dead ten days later. ‘Goliath’ the tank still roams at will.

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S. Teddy D. - 2003 - Baghdad – Iraq

Baghdad – Iraq
The symbolic toppling of the Saddam Hussein statue in Baghdad's Firdos Square was supposed to mark the end of his regime. An American M1 Abrams tank crew observes the staged spectacle, the last moments before the storm of the Insurgency. Roadside bombs later devastated American armour as the country fell tore itself apart.

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S. Teddy D. - 2011 - Days of Rage - Arab Nations

Days of Rage - Arab Nations
An unknown protestor kneels and prays, a rock in front of him, his back turned to the APC’s (Armoured Personnel Carriers) and Tanks behind him. Across many Arab Nations, protests have quickly arisen that challenge the old ruling orders. At first Tunisia and Egypt succumbed to the ‘will of the people’, but then Libya resisted and sent in it’s military forces to enforce its position, Syria, Bahrain and Yemen soon followed, but the protests continue to grow, as the whole region rocks on the brink of change.

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